How to Shop Online Globally with Gift cards using Bingpay

How to Shop Online Globally with Gift cards using Bingpay


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Bingpay was created to solve a global problem, one of them which is the problem of purchasing items internationally without hassle. Over the years, this has been a major issue for most Africans, and has reduced the shopping experience of most people due to debit card failures & restrictions, high FX rates and unavailability of the service in their region.

Bingpay’s solution is a gift card issuing platform where people can purchase gift cards for specific brands with 100% success rate, at the same time reducing the amount of personal data they share with the businesses they engage with.

With the Bingpay app, customers can purchase gift cards for over 5,000 international brands and still counting. These gift cards includes popular brands like Amazon, Spotify, Apple, Ebay, Google play and so much more.

How to Purchase Gift cards on Bingpay

First thing to do is to create an account on Bingpay web or Download the App on Playstore or Apple Store.

  1. Click on the payments tab
  2. Select "Giftcard"
  3. Select your preferred country (choosing a country other than your country may require you to use VPN or change billing address)
  4. Choose the gift card you want to purchase
  5. Select the amount you want to purchase and the FX rate will be displayed
  6. Confirm your details and click purchase

That's all, your gift card code and PIN will be delivered to your mail and via SMS to your phone number in seconds.