Binance Gift card Explained

Binance Gift card Explained


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Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange company in the world. The exchange provides a crypto wallet for traders to store their electronic funds.

What is Binance Gift card?

Binance gift cards is the easiest way to send crypto to friends and family via email, social media or SMS, all with zero fees.

With Binance Gift Card, your friends and family can receive their first crypto in seconds. After they redeem their gift card, they can instantly transfer the crypto from their funding wallet to other wallets, in order to start trading immediately.

Also, if your debit card or other means of payments keep failing while trying to purchase crypto, binance gift card stands out to be the best alternative.

How to buy the Gift card?

The easiest way to buy the binance gift card is using bingpay. With bingpay, you can purchase binance giftcard with multiple payment options like debit card, ussd, apple pay, google pay, airtime and bank transfer. You also get your card delivered to you in seconds!

Here's how to purchase the gift card from bingpay: First thing to do is to create an account on Bingpay web or Download the App on Playstore or Apple Store.

  1. Click on the payments tab
  2. Select "Giftcard"
  3. Select your preferred country (choosing a country other than your country may require you to use VPN or change billing address)
  4. Choose Binance
  5. Select the amount you want to purchase and the FX rate will be displayed
  6. Confirm your details and click purchase

That's all, you get your gift card delivered to you via email and sms instantly.

How to redeem the Gift card?

Once you receive the gift card, it only takes a few steps to redeem. Here is how:

  1. On your binance app, go to the homepage and tap [Profile] - [Gift Card].
  2. On the Gift Card page, tap [Receive].
  3. You can tap [Add Card] to add your gift card to your card list and redeem it later.
  4. Enter the gift card code and tap [Add]. (We suggest you add the card to your account as soon as you receive it. Once you successfully add the card to your account, you become the owner of the gift card, and no one can add or redeem the gift card again by entering the same gift card code.)
  5. If you want the crypto to be credited to your Funding Wallet immediately, tap [Redeem Crypto] and enter the gift card code.

Cheers, you are now set to dive into the crypto journey.