How to Recharge International Number with Bingpay

How to Recharge International Number with Bingpay


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What is international mobile recharge?

Put simply, the phrase is coined to describe the process of topping up the balance a prepaid phone in another country.

At Bingpay we offer international mobile recharge as a service in over 50 countries and for more than 700 mobile networks.

How do I recharge an international number?

When you think of all the different countries you could send a top-up to, all the mobile networks available, needing to remember the country codes, performing currency conversions and dealing with payment method, the concept of international mobile recharge does sound complicated!

However we have taken all the difficulty out of it with our easy to use platform. 6 easy steps is all it takes to send international top-up anywhere, at anytime.

  1. First thing to do is to create an account on Bingpay web or Download the App on Playstore or Apple Store.
  2. Navigate to the payment tab, click airtime and choose global networks.
  3. Select the country you want to top-up
  4. Enter the phone number of the recipient you want to recharge (you don't have to add country code)
  5. Input the amount you wish to send The FX rate of the transaction and amount you will be charged will appear.
  6. That’s all, then the international mobile recharge is sent!

Once your order is processed, The person who you sent the top-up to will receive a notification that their balance has been topped up in seconds.

Thanks for using Bingpay!